Course curriculum

  • 2
    The Inner Game of Leadership
    • Natasha Todorovic-Cowan Contextualises the Inner Game of Leadership
    • Jeffrey Hayzlett_ The Hero Factor
    • Camille Mckinney_Leading from the Inside Out to Manage Change
    • Dr. Steve Yacovelli_Strategies to be a More Consciously Inclusive Leader in 2020
    • Toni Kaufman_Legendary Leadership: The Difference Between Management & Leadership in Uncertain Times
    • Ridgely Goldsborough_Discover your Mind Type: Express your authentic self to lead powerfully
    • Michael Levitt_Burnout Proof Your Team, Your Organization, and Your Leadership
    • Jay Pryor_Lean Inside: 7 Steps to Personal Power
    • Mitchell Levy_What 500 Top Leaders Know About Credibility
  • 3
    Connection & Attunedness
    • Natasha Todorovic-Cowan Frames Leadership Connection and Attunedness
    • Antonia Van Becker and Greg Lee_How Limiting Beliefs are Running the Show
    • Behnaz Gholami _Creating Adoptable and Sustainable Change for your Organization
    • Ben Saltzman_Coaching Team Members Through Pandemic Pandemonium
    • Brenda Jacobson_Gamification: The Secret Weapon for Thriving in a New and Ever-Changing World
    • Bruce Hurley_Leading with Ethical Influence
    • Carolyn Ortman_How to Lead Others without Losing Your Way
    • Dom Dilulio_How to Lead Without Authority
    • Dov Baron_Dragon Leadership: How to make your people connect to what truly matters and become fiercely loyal
    • Jack Lannom_How to Maintain a High Trust Culture in the Corona Virus Crisis
    • Jennifer Fondrevay_Critical Mindset Tools for Leading Through Uncertainty
    • Kimberly Hobscheid_Leaders Guide to Staffing and Talent Acquisition During Crisis
    • Dr. Matthew Norton_Increase Profitability by Determining the Key Strengths of Your Prospective Hires and Your Existing Team
    • Natasha Todorovic-Cowan_Leadership in the Connection Economy
    • Pamela Stambaugh_How to Achieve the Skill of Courageous Leader Dialog
    • Richard Kaye_(CEO Space) Pandemic Prosperity Planning
    • Sarah Lawrence_Lessons in Handling Chaos from an Entrepreneurial Organization
  • 4
    Enterprise Relatability
    • Natasha Todorovic-Cowan Frames Enterprise Relatability
    • Carol Parker Walsh_Leading in Purpose
    • Catherine Rocheleau_Leading the Socially Responsible B-Corp
    • Claudia Schabel_Must Have Leadership Skills In An Era of Covid-19 and Racial Justice
    • Doug Robbins_M&A Insights Applied to the Chaos of Re-Entry
    • Frances Shuster_Corona Fever Breaks Under Outstanding School Leadership
    • Paul Palmer_Risk Management in Manufacturing During Chaotic Times
    • Stephen Kendall-Jones_Steps to Combining Wellbeing with Hope During and After a Crisis
  • 5
    Weak Signals & Environmental Threats
    • Natasha Todorovic-Cowan on Weak Signals & Environmental Threats
    • Dr Armin Ellis_Messages From the Cutting Edge of Innovation
    • Karen Judd Smith_3 Things the UN Taught Me About Leading Through Change & Crisis
    • Margaret MacDonald_SuperLeaders Inner Code What it is and How to Become a Superleader
    • Paul Olson_The New Green Trends That are Going to Change Your Organization and the way you Lead

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