Spiral Dynamics Enthusiast, Is This You ...

You see the world in a different way and know there is greater complexity than most can see. You are fascinated with human nature and want to delve more deeply into what makes us tick individually, collectively, and as a species

  • You are a deep thinker, you've scoured the internet, now you're ready to go beneath the surface to the good stuff

  • You appreciate research, facts, and the theoretical principles behind frameworks more than the hype

  • You've read what you could get your hands on, maybe heard about this from someone, and you know something is missing from the hype - something isn't making sense and you know there's more

This Spiral Dynamics Program Includes:

The key theoretical principles, research, and historical context every practitioner, Gravesian fan, and Spiral Dynamics student needs to know

  • 12 Weeks of Online Lessons

    We unlocked our vault. Every week a new lesson will open to add a new model, historical fact, critical background piece of material, or research approach that you need to know and no one else can explain to you. Take this at your own pace in your own time and repeat as needed.

  • Original Graves

    Included in this: original Graves audio that has not previously been heard by more than a few dozen people, research, history, and the meaning of data explained simply and clearly by the world's leading experts in the field - we put the key pieces together for you.

  • New Insights

    Whether you are just beginning, have had some exposure, or consider yourself pretty advanced in your understanding, this course will help you to with the neural network pathways needed to think in a Gravesian way. Build your "spiral muscle"!

Your Instructor(s)

The World's Leading Experts in Gravesian Psychosocial Development

  • Dr. Natasha Todorovic-Cowan MBA

    Dr. Natasha Todorovic-Cowan MBA

    Whether it is resistance to change, cultures in conflict, or dysfunctional teams, Dr. Natasha Todorovic-Cowan’s expertise includes supporting coaches, leaders, and mentors to get the best out of the people with whom they work. Rooted in 70 years of research and application, Natasha has more than 25 years of experience applying SPIRAL DYNAMICS® assessments, tools, programs, and solutions to reveal the root causes of profit problems rooted in people problems. She has delivered over 200 Spiral Dynamics Certification Trainings in more than 14 countries and designed a dozen more. Impacting clients around the globe seeking to dig into their cultural DNA, leadership, and to effect change, she helps you get to the heart of what prevents leaders, teams, coaches, mentors, and organizations from reaching their performance objectives.
  • Christopher Cowan


    Christopher Cowan

    As Founder of the National Values Center, Chris worked with Dr. Clare W. Graves for the last decade of his life. He implemented this work with clients worldwide in a variety of governmental, corporate, and non-profit organizations applying the work derived from the thinking of Dr. Clare W. Graves and others in understanding levels of psychological existence and their impact on human factors. He first encountered the work of Dr. Graves in the late 1970s as an associate of the Center for Values Research, as well as a faculty member at North Texas State University where he taught in communication and business. In order to introduce the work to a broader audience, he co-founded the National Values Center. He wrote the 1996 Blackwell’s book, "Spiral Dynamics: Mastering Values, Leadership, and Change", which remains a best seller in their management list. Along with Natasha Todorovic, he co-edited the books, "Graves: Levels of Human Existence" and "The Never Ending Quest: Clare W. Graves Explores Human Nature". He dedicated his life to implementing, teaching, and the developing the foundational materials in the Gravesian legacy. Chris and Natasha spent a year developing the Spiral Dynamics Principles program for you.

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Course curriculum

  • 1
  • 2
    SD PRINCIPLES LESSON 1: Introduction and Grounding
    • Intro to the Spiral Dynamics Mastering the Principles Course
    • The SD Principles Course Intro & Content Overview
    • A Message from Clare W. Graves
    • QUIZ: Checking Understanding
  • 3
    A History Lesson: Clare Graves Research Part 1
    • HISTORY PHASE 1: Evolution of the Graves Models
    • History Part 1: Clare W Graves Phases of Research and Evolution of the ModelS
    • QUIZ: Checking In, and What Did You Remember?
  • 4
    SD PRINCIPLES LESSON 2: How "Values Talk" Misses the Mark
    • How Talking "Values" Misses the Point with CWG's Work and Spiral Dynamics
    • A Few Words on Values
    • On Values: Checking Understanding
  • 5
    SD PRINCIPLES LESSON 3: What's in a Name?
    • Lesson Overview: What is in a Name
    • What's in a Name?
    • QUIZ: On Naming and Meaning
    • The Spiral Dynamics Term/Name: Content Container Conflation
    • QUIZ: On Spiral Dynamics (What is It?)
  • 6
    A History Lesson: The Untold Spiral Dynamics Story
    • PHASE 2: The NVC Story
    • HISTORY Part 2: The NVC Story
    • History Part 2: Emergence of the Color Code and the Spiral
    • History Part 2: Development of the Colours
    • History Part 2: Development of the Spiral Dynamics Assessments
    • History Part 2: Development of the Spiral Dynamics Tools
  • 7
    SD PRINCIPLES LESSON 4: Theory and Theories and Theorists
    • Of Theory, Theorists, and Theories, "Oh My!"
    • QUIZ: Theory, Theorists, Theories, "Oh, my!"
    • How is it Going? Checking in ...
  • 8
    SD PRINCIPLES LESSON 5: What is the Double Helix Model and Theory?
    • Overview of the Double Helix Lesson
    • The Double Helix, Check it Out ...
    • Evidence of the Double Helix Interaction - 9 minutes
    • QUIZ: Building Memory and Retaining Ideas
  • 9
    SD PRINCIPLES LESSON 6: The Neuro Angle
    • Hot Topics: The Neuro Angle and EC Theory
    • EC Theory
    • CWG On the Brain and His Systems
    • CWG on the Brain
    • Introducing Current Brain Studies
    • (A Little On ...) Current Brain Studies
    • QUIZ: Before You Go, What do Minds, Brains, and the Pacific Salmon Have in Common?
  • 10
    SD PRINCIPLES LESSON 7: Thema in Levels of Existence
    • Thema, Schema, and their Roles in Levels of Existence Theory
    • The Poorly Understood Role of Thema and Its Importance
    • QUIZ: Before You Go...
  • 11
    SD PRINCIPLES LESSON 8: The Many Dimensions of Human Nature
    • Dimensions of Human Nature
    • Before You Go ...
  • 12
    SD PRINCIPLES LESSON 9: How "Tiers" Became Fashionable (and the Research Behind This)
    • The Secret Truths Behind the Idea of "Tiers"
    • What Lies Behind "Tiers": Fact and Fiction
    • Graves and Maslow Compared
    • Human Nature Prepares for a Momentous Leap
    • Reviewing Concepts and Lesson Material
  • 13
    SD PRINCIPLES LESSON 10: The Change Models
    • Emergent Nature of Change
    • How Individuals, Groups and Societies Grow, Change, and Transform,
    • QUIZ: Reviewing Change & Transformation ...
  • 14
    SD PRINCIPLES LESSON 11: History Part 3
    • History Part 3: NVCC
    • HISTORY PHASE 3: The NVCC Story
    • The NVCC Story Full Video